Hidden Secrets of C# Tip 1: Yield Return, Yield Break

If you ever wanted to return the generic collection of items from an method, what do you do? you may do like this..

public List<int> LoadEvenNumbers(){          List<int> items = new List<int>();          for(int i = 0; i<100;i++)          {                   if(i % 2 == 0) items.Add(i);                           }   }

But, there is […]

C#’s Greatest Mistakes by Jon Skeet

C# is a lovely language in many ways… but it’s not perfect. Mistakes made early in a language or platform’s development are often impossible to fix afterwards, so this talk isn’t a set of suggestions for the C# team. Instead it’s a reflection on what we might do if we had a time machine. […]

String vs string in C#

Many of C# developer noticed that we have string and String keywords in c#. There are bunch of questions that are comes to many people minds that

is there any difference between these two? is there any performance implication  if I use one or other?

Well.. My Answer for both the question is strong NO