linq.js – LINQ for JavaScript

Linq.Js : Complete implementation of Linq for Javascript.


  • implement all .NET 4.0 methods and many extra methods (inspiration from Rx, Achiral, Haskell, Ruby, etc…)
  • complete lazy evaluation
  • full IntelliSense support for VisualStudio
  • two versions – linq.js and jquery.linq.js (jQuery plugin)
  • support Windows Script Host
  • binding for Reactive Extensions for JavaScript(RxJS) and IntelliSense Generator -> see documentation
  • NuGet install support(linq.js, linq.js-jQuery, linq.js-Bindings)
var jsonArray = [
    { "user": { "id": 100, "screen_name": "d_linq" }, "text": "to objects" },
    { "user": { "id": 130, "screen_name": "c_bill" }, "text": "g" },
    { "user": { "id": 155, "screen_name": "b_mskk" }, "text": "kabushiki kaisha" },
    { "user": { "id": 301, "screen_name": "a_xbox" }, "text": "halo reach" }
// ["b_mskk:kabushiki kaisha", "c_bill:g", "d_linq:to objects"]
var queryResult = Enumerable.From(jsonArray)
    .Where(function (x) { return < 200 })
    .OrderBy(function (x) { return x.user.screen_name })
    .Select(function (x) { return x.user.screen_name + ':' + x.text })
// shortcut! string lambda selector
var queryResult2 = Enumerable.From(jsonArray)
    .Where("$ < 200")
    .Select("$.user.screen_name + ':' + $.text")

Symbian OS leaving the mobile world…

After the merge with Microsoft, Nokia decided to stop the development of Symbian OS and pretty soon, we will be expecting the news of Symbian OS is dead. Nokia , One of the leading mobile manufacture in the world, is opting for Windows phone and that leaves end of Symbian OS and its 1500 employees.

Surprisingly, Google offers jobs to Nokia employees who are in firing queue.. But, there is no official confirmation from google yet. but, the leading recruiter has tweeted about this.

Kaspersky Antivirus 2009 source code leaked

Interesting… One of the Best Antivirus software source code released in torrents.. Well.. students who wants to do some interesting project… take a look at this code.. Smile

Source :

Desktop notifications for emails and chat messages


Posted by Andrew Wilson, Software Engineer
Many of us are guilty of constantly switching back to Gmail to check for new messages. And if you’re like me, you’ve probably missed an important chat message because you weren’t looking at your Gmail window when it came in. If you use Google Chrome, these days can be over since we just launched HTML5 desktop notifications which display pop-ups whenever a chat message or new email arrives.

To turn them on, click on the Settings link in the top right corner of Gmail and scroll down to the “Desktop Notifications” section. If you just want to get notified about chat messages, or if you use Priority Inbox and only want to get notifications for important messages, you can customize your settings from there too.

This functionality is currently only available for people using Google Chrome, but we’re working to make notifications part of the standard Web platform.


Desktop notifications for emails and chat messages
The Gmail Team
Thu, 27 Jan 2011 00:15:00 GMT

Google Goggles gets faster, smarter and solves Sudoku

From the Google Blog:

(Cross-posted from the Google Mobile Blog)

Today we’re launching a new version of Google Goggles that’s faster and smarter than ever before. The new Goggles 1.3 client for Android can scan barcodes almost instantly. All versions of Goggles can now recognize print ads in popular magazines and newspapers. Finally, Goggles has also learned a fun new trick for Sudoku fans.


When shopping offline, it’s helpful to be able to learn more about a product by scanning its barcode. With the new Android version of Google Goggles, scanning barcodes is much faster. Open Goggles and hover over the barcode or QR code. Within a second the phone gently vibrates and presents results, without requiring a button press. Simply tap on the result to read product reviews, check in-store availability and compare prices.

Print ads in magazines and newspapers

We’re excited to take another step in our vision of connecting offline media to online media. The next time you’re flipping through the pages of your favorite magazine, try taking a picture of an ad with Goggles. Goggles will recognize print ad and return web search results about the product or brand. This new feature of Goggles is enabled for print ads appearing in major U.S. magazines and newspapers from August 2010 onwards.

This feature is different from the marketing experiment that we announced in November. We’re now recognizing a much broader range of ads than we initially included in our marketing experiment. And when we recognize a print ad, we return web search results. While in the experiment, we return a specific link to an external website.


Our favorite weekend distraction is a quiet 15 minutes spent solving a Sudoku puzzle. But even that can be an frustrating experience if (like us) you make a mistake and are unable to solve the puzzle. Now, Goggles on Android and iPhone can recognize puzzles and provide answers to help make you faster than a Sudoku champ. So if you ever get stuck, take a clear picture of the entire puzzle with Goggles and we’ll tell you the correct solution. Check out this video to see how it works.!

Google Goggles 1.3 with improved barcode scanning is available for download in Android Market. Recognition of print ads and Sudoku solver is now enabled for the Google Goggles app on Android, as well as the Goggles component of the Google Mobile App on iPhone.


Google Goggles gets faster, smarter and solves Sudoku

Voice Search for Google Chrome


The latest versions of Google Chrome 9 and above have support for voice input, but it’s not enabled by default. If you have enabled voice input in Chrome, then you should be trying out the Voice Search extension for Google Chrome. Voice Search provides a method to search by speaking. For example, to search for Windows 7, just click on the microphone and say “windows 7?. If you specifically want pictures of Windows 7, say “Google images windows 7?.

Voice Search

Voice Search comes pre-loaded with the following default services: Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and Wolfram Alpha. You can also add your own user-defined search engines or any website.  It also integrates a speech input button for all websites using HTML5 search boxes, all of the default search engines’ websites, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and GitHub.


This extension requires a microphone. Speech input is an experimental feature, so it might depend on how you pronounce the words.

Voice Search a nice extension worth trying.

Download Voice Search

O4G Daily Links–2011-01-05

Version Control


Need for Speed™ just for 99cents for Apple IPhone



O4G DAILY LINKS 2010-12-16

Introducing Razor

Free 10 Million Minutes Calls to India, USA , UK and more Valid upto January 2011

PennyTel, a leading Australia based VoIP providers, is back with it’s 10 million free calls promotion. The offer runs through January 8th 2011.

I myself registered and tried it.. it works like a charm… Here are the steps to get this offer.

  1. Just go to the promotions page and enter a valid email address to create a new account.
  2. If you already have an account, enter the email address associated with your account.
  3. Use your account details to make free calls!!

Under the promotion, you can make unlimited free international calls to (* Excluding calls to mobiles):

Australia*, Canada, China, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand*, Singapore, the UK* and the USA.

You can use the PennyTel softphone to make calls. Just download the soft phone from your account and start making calls.

PennyTel also provides SIP support, so you can use any SIP client to make calls. Use the following settings to configure your SIP client:

SIP Proxy :
Domain :
SIP Register : Yes
Preferred Codec : g729, g723
Port : 5060