Compile your .Net (C#) Code online! is an interactive web interface for the .NET compiler powered by the Roslyn Project. It allows you to quickly and easily execute snippets of C# code from your browser.

You can use to learn C#, share and test code, reproduce bugs, explore fixes, and to demonstrate and collaborate on ideas. It’s […]

sPlayer–Best Video Player

what I liked the most from this player, it downloads the matching subtitle automatically. and also GUI is very user friendly.. I liked it lot..


LocalTunnel– Access your localhost on internet!

STEP 1:Install localtunnel using RubyGems. Check the full README if you don’t have Ruby or RubyGems.

$ sudo gem install localtunnel

STEP 2: Run your local web server on any port! Let’s say you’re running Apache on port 8080.

STEP 3:Now run localtunnel passing it the port to share. The first time you run localtunnel […]

The unofficial Google shell…

Google shell will look alike unix shell to consume all the google services at console prompt. You type commands and the results are shown on this page. goosh is powered by google. goosh is written by Stefan Grothkopp. it is NOT an official google product! goosh is open source under the Artistic License/GPL.