Google Cloud Connect

Google is launching a new plugin for Microsoft Office called “Cloud Connect” which will sync your document automatically with Google docs on each hit of your ‘Save’  button. This document can be shared with multiple persons and Google Docs do support versioning system.

For example, consider you are working with a Microsoft Office document on your PC which is in sync with Google Docs, and your coworker is also working on the same document from another PC on each hit of “Save” button this plugin will ask you for the correct version of the document to be updated.

The new product is going live for Apps for Business Customers as part of a preview program (sign up here).

Once you’ve installed it, you’ll notice a new ribbon toward the top of the Office UI, which gives you a Google Docs link for the document you’re currently working on, as well as a notification to let you know when it’s been synced with Google’s servers.

This will work well on Office 2003, 2007 and 2010.